Pufflings get disoriented at times and are often attracted to the light in nearby towns. They come out of their burrows and follow the lights. This happens anywhere there are puffins and towns nearby. This year is no different. With the heavy raining happening in Scotland (and the UK), pufflings are trying to escape their burrows so they don’t drown and are finding themselves in town. One puffling followed some guests into a hotel. One was being chased by two mechanics in an automobile dealership. How cute is that?

Too bad they didn’t take pictures of the pufflings in the hotel or a video of the puffling giving the two men a nice run around. =) How adorable would that have been to see? The frightening part is when the puffins come into town, they are in danger of being hurt by cars, by animals, by any number of things. Luckily most in this city, North Berwick, are returned to the Scottish Seabird Centre to be cared for and returned into nature where they stand a better chance to live a long, normal life.