One of the readers favorite post has been the poem, There Once Was A Puffin by Florence Page Jaques and I have been determined to get a copy of the original printing of this poem. I have not gotten a hold of the very first printing in Child Life magazine, yet, because it has long since been out of publish. However, I did get my hands on a copy of one of the earlier books it was published in, The Big Golden Book of Poetry: 85 Childhood Favorites edited by Jane Werner, illustrated by Gertrude Elliott published in 1962 but originally published i n 1947. I scanned in some pages and the cover, for all you There Once Was A Puffin fans.  I hope you enjoy them!


The cover.





The actual page with illustrations.



The acknowledgements page where I found the original publishing information.



The acknowledgments of just this poem and another by Florence Page Jacques.

Earlier publications of “There Once Was A Puffin” have been located.  I will continue to search for the original publication in Child Life magazine and previous publications. A reader, Wendy, commented, “Marjorie Barrows who compiled “One Hundred Best Poems for Boys and Girls” was the editor of Child Life magazine.” She also noted that “the book is “One Hundred Best Poems for Boys and Girls” copyright 1930 published by Whitman Publishing Company of Racine Wisconsin.” Another reader, Jacquie, also confirmed hers was the same. Thanks everyone for helping get a timeline for this poem!

If any of you know how to get a hold of this, please do let me know.

The original poem and post are here.