Puffin Music

I gathered some songs about puffins and puffin sounds to share with you.
If you know other puffin songs you’d like to share, please contact me (below).

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Title: The Puffin
Artist: Terri Thurman Finck

Title: A Puffin
Artist: Port O’Brien

Title: The Puffin
Artist: Hank Davis

Title: Puffin
Artist: John Neville
Title: More puffin songs

Artist: John Neville

Title: Lulie the Iceberg/”The clown-faced Puffins had a ride…”
Artist: Yo-Yo Ma; Paul Winter; Pamela Frank; SamWaterston; Derrick Inouye

Title: Puffin
Artist: All the Bird Songs of Great Britain

Title: The Puffin and the Squirrel
Artist: David Rotheray, Bella Hardy, Jim Causley

I couldn’t find the following song but here are the lyrics.

The Puffin SongCopyright 1990 by Tom Knight
I’m not like the penguin, don’t confuse me with ducks,
I’m dressed for dinner in my finest fancy tux,
My beak it is pretty, my feathers are fine,
Long time ago, the hunters wanted mine!

Call me a Puffin, ‘cuz that’s my name
I live on an island just off the coast of Maine
But I wasn’t born here, I was brought by a man
And now my burrow is here on Egg Rock Island!

Come fly with me,
Fly across the sea,
Come fly with me,
Puffins we will be!
My brothers and sisters, my lovely wife,
We like to gather, we love the social life,
A picnic for puffins, a tasty old treat,
I hope you like fish, it’s our favorite thing to eat!



We found this lovely piece titled The Puffin Song, not sure who wrote it, but it is a really nice song.



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