What is Puffinpalooza?

I have always been a fan of birds. I like to look for and at them, take pictures of them. I am by nature curious and love to learn about the world around me. Birds infinitely fascinate me. Recently, I ordered the National Geographic Field Guide To Birds for Washington State and Oregon. I was really excited to get this book. By the time it arrived I think I may have been drooling, just a little.

On the cover of this little book you can find two of the most adorable puffins, the Tufted Puffins, native to my area. I fell in love them! They are so cute and quirky. One has his head cocked to the side looking at the camera with curiousity. It is sooooooooooo cute! I went to the index and found their page. This is where I began my research into these little characters but by no means is this where my research ended. I have been reading books, websites, pamphlets, educational studies; all about the puffin.

Puffinpalooza.com is a place where I can share my adventure learning about the Puffin with others! I hope to find some fellow puffin admirers or perhaps even encourage people to get interested in this bird.

If you are a Puffin expert, please share with me information, pictures, etc. If you are a puffin novice, explore with me. Pictures, facts, locations, habits, everything… I want to learn and see all I can about these most lovable seabirds, the clown of the sea as they are nicknamed. =) I hope you will join me on my journey today and come back from time to time to see how far we have traveled.

If you like to draw, paint or sketch and would like to see your work posted posted here, send it to us. You can scan it in and send it as an attachment in an e-mail. Or if you do not have a scanner, we will scan it in for you; simply e-mail for our mailing address. If you would like for us to return your original work, please include a self-addressed stamped envelope and we will return it within a reasonable amount of time.


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