I got a new book yesterday, The Princeton Field Guide to Dinosaurs by Gregory S. Paul, and as I was flipping through it I found the Saurornithoides? inequalis? or what looks like to me the DINO PUFFIN! Yes, it looks like a dinosaur version of a puffin. Take a look…

Illustration by Gregory Paul


Illustration by Gregory Paul


This dinosaur or to me, the dino puffin, liked to live in ‘well-watered, forested floodplain with coastal swamps and marshes, cool winters. I prefer cool winters myself.

Isn’t it fascinating to learn about new dinosaurs? When I was growing up…I learned about a couple dozen. Now, I have a definitive guide with hundreds of different kinds of dinosaurs. Technically birds are dinosaurs, theropod dinosaurs. So it is not without some merit that the puffin could be an ancestor of a dinosaur or a dinosaur itself. Amazing, the possibilities!

If you are interested in reading more about the dinosaurs, the theropods or the dino puffin (Saurornithoides? inequalis?) in particular…you can read it in this wonderful new book…

The Princeton Field Guide to Dinosaurs