My dearest friends went to the Point Defiance Zoo again today and spent a lot of time with the puffins! They had so much fun. Apparently, the little puffins were very friendly today. One came right up to the barrier, so close they could have picked it up! They did not though because that would set a bad example and could harm the little bird. The puffins at the Point Defiance Zoo in Tacoma, Washington are Tufted Puffins. And they are adorable! The gave these pictures and videos to me so I can share with all of you!

You can see more puffin videos on our youtube channel The Puffinpalooza official youtube channel!

Look at me! I'm cute! (Tufted Puffin at the Point Defiance Zoo in July 2010)

(Tufted Puffin July 2010 at the Point Defiance Zoo)

See more puffins in the gallery below


… More photographs of the puffins at the zoo…